The manufacture of exclusive interior items, designer furniture and other products made from natural bog oak


Our studio was created by young and energetic specialists in the field of capturing and recycling of natural BogOak.

Since 2006, the studio members have been actively involved in the activities for the exploration, production of natural bog oak on the water bodies of the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the advanced Belarusian company «Trans-Center».

The works were successfully carried out on such rivers as the Dnieper, the Sozh, the Berezina, the Iput. All the works were carried out in the strict observance of environmental, ecological, sanitary, legislative norms and rules. During the work, a great theoretical and practical potential has been accumulated not only in the field of exploration and extraction of bog oak, but also in the field of studying the properties and characteristics of natural bog oak.

As a result, in 2011, work began on the use of natural oak BogOak for the manufacture of products.

Nowadays there is an active work to create a collection of products from natural BogOak with the help of the latest technological and technical capabilities.

Special attention is paid to the complex, natural BogOak with age parameters over 5000-6000 years. The main emphasis is made on the disclosure of unique natural features, properties and qualities of each specimen of relict oak.
For the qualitative determination of the age parameters of wood, advanced laboratories are actively used to perform 14с method both in Russia and abroad.

We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation. We are always ready to fulfill an interesting order, and the complexity of the order is directly proportional to the desire for its fulfillment.