The best floor of the human dwelling, according to physical, ecological, technical parameters, is the floor of the solid oak. It can be a floor from a massive board, or a parquet. Such floor is strong and durable. Oak wood has a beneficial effect on the human body. But at the same time to cover the oak floor should be applied only ecologically safe waxes and lacquers. Such floor belongs to the elite category.

Curved Double-layer parquet board

Since ancient times, the oak floor decorated the most famous palaces in Europe. Yes, in the manufacture of flooring was used and other wood and exotic including but of particular value are the floors with natural bog oak. The unique parquet carpet with the use of bog oak, the rooms of the Catherine Palace is the most eloquent evidence of that. But our masters in professional search for the purpose of creating a highly art, available, natural product went even further. By combining classical traditions and craftsmanship with innovation and modern technology, a completely unique result was obtained. We represent the world’s first curvilinear engineering board made from bog oak, produced in industrial conditions. Now this unique in beauty and strength wood has found a new form, which significantly expands the scope of its application. The engineering board from bog oak is more stable in comparison with the massive, and factory production provides high quality, speed of delivery and affordable price of the final product.


Piece parquet from the rarest material in the world — natural Bog oak. Classics worthy of the most refined interiors.
Parquet flooring is the most expensive and durable element of the interior. It creates a feeling of warmth and comfort for a person. By means of a piece parquet it is possible to lay out practically any drawing on a floor. The wide range of colors of natural Bog oak is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment of any styles and trends. Parquet flooring opens up opportunities to create exactly the kind of floor that you want.

Parquet board

Bog Oak Design Studio provides a wide range of gamma-color format in the production of two-layer and solid parquet. Only natural bog oak with a set of accompanying documents confirming the authenticity of this valuable material is used as a working layer.


 The use of natural bog oak allows you to achieve the uniqueness of any design solution. The texture is an abundance of twisted fibers accentuated by various natural colors ( Colors of natural bog oak can not be transferred by artificial coloring, staining). Colors range from light, gray-brown to deep black, an exceptional feature is the ability to find all the colors on a single Board.

Features of double-layer parquet board

The working layer is a natural bog oak lamella with a thickness of d=3-4.5 mm. It allows to reduce the consumption of valuable natural material by 2.5-3 times. 

High-quality birch plywood of FSF class is used as the bearing layer. It allows to achieve the necessary stability of the future floor when changing the thermal characteristics of the surrounding space.


UV oil and other types of finishing at the request of the Customer. This finish provides excellent protection against water and all household solvents, this coating easily tolerates any changes in humidity and temperature.Also to finish at the request of the Customer can be added to the process of brushing to obtain the surface of the parquet Board with a colorful structure.