Charm, admiration, surprise — these words can express an unexpected transformation of ordinary, rough charred driftwood raised from the bottom of rivers, lakes and marshes into the experienced, work-weary hands of cabinetmakers. The vision of the future, the ability to disclose the best, powerful qualities of bog oak raised from the depths of the centuries is available only tofew people. This is exactly the gift, without which it is impossible to create unique, exquisite works in every element, in every detail of which there are unexpected, spectacular emotional discoveries of the gifts of nature impregnated with time and energy of water. It’s just amazing what kind of natural forces there, on the bottom, huge oak trunks sing out, making them black, brown, grey. What forces tear their bodies like a chip, revealing them to our eyes, twisted in the scars of time, but breathing with power and invincibility before the forces of nature and millenniums…


H: 220mm W: 610mm D: 210mm

The sculpture is made of the base of the first branch of the trunk of natural bog oak. In terrestrial life, this branch could be up to 10 meters in length and symbolized the power of the oak tree sheltering a rich shade everything below it. But in moment the fall of the, and also in the ensuing life under land and water faced huge resistance-broke. And time, like a stone, erased all the sharp edges and showed the inner beauty, giving life to a new unique form, which today is shown to You.


H: 480mm W: 200mm D: 150mm

The sculpture is made of the top part of natural bog oak. Thousands of years ago, the beginning of the second life of the once-growing mighty oak, the forces of new external factors splits it, breaking apart carrying parts for hundreds of kilometers from each other. The vertex parts are the most vulnerable and take the first blow. The fracture of this sculpture is natural, the new shape of the fracture was dictated by the water itself, grinding and rounding the edges, which for many years was a transformation.


H: 800mm W: 250mm D: 130mm

The sculpture is made of a unique peripheral part of natural bog oak. 

The natural bark protected the trunk from external influences during its growth, after the beginning of the second life of already bog oak, external influences became much stronger: oppression of the soil, the flow of water — alternately change each other. The impact of new external factors took on the peripheral layer, which over time became a strong defense throughout the new life, hidden from our eyes.


H: 410mm W: 650mm D: 400mm

The sculpture is made of a single root part of natural bog oak. One of the feathers depicts the head of a bird, which symbolizes freedom. The root part itself is unique, thousands of years ago it lived in resistance as a source of life and a reliable support for the whole tree. This sculpture shows the freedom to which we all aspire.


H: 520mm W: 800mm D: 100mm

The sculpture is made of cross-cut natural bog oak with a pronounced dark peripheral layer. This saw was cut from a single root part, which gives the textural richness and uniqueness of the form. The finishing is done by hand across the fibers thus animating the final sculpture. This sculpture embodies life showing its versatility.


H: 270mm W: 280mm D: 60mm

The sculpture «Cliff» is made from a part of the root of natural bog oak, and is unique. Cliff is a symbol of resistance, which meets adversity alone, but passing them remains unshakable.


H: 850mm W: 650mm D: 40mm

The sculpture «Fish» is made from a saw cut root of natural bog oak, with the disclosure of natural cracks and clearly represented the rings of life. As a symbol of «Fish» symbolizes harmony, abundance, wealth…. In early Christianity, the sign of Fish was the first monogram of Christ.


H: 360mm W: 120mm D: 60mm

The sculpture «Flame» was made by nature for thousands of years of disobedience and symbolizes the fire that will never go out. According to Bachelard, the flame symbolizes transcendence as such.


H: 300mm W: 220mm D: 100mm

The sculpture «Rock» is made of side escape of natural bog oak. Rock-a symbol of reliability, honesty, integrity, stability, constancy, strength…


H: 400mm W: 120mm D: 80mm

The sculpture «Sentinel» is made of the core of the living part of the root of the relic bog oak. As a symbol of «Sentinel» is a talisman of constancy of life, happiness, longevity….

Snake on rock

H: 190mm W: 450mm D: 160mm

Two Characters

H: 350mm W: 420mm D: 80mm

The sculpture «Two Characters» is made of a rare double lateral escape of the relict bog oak. This sculpture characterizes the fusion of two different characters : 

Fire(stubborn, unyielding, vehement, zealous) 

Water (Good-natured, sensitive, tolerant) 

And illustrates their balance.

Putangirua Pinnacle

H: 600mm W: 410mm D: 180mm

New Zealand.

The unique natural creation is the Putangirua Pinnacles , which is estimated to be no less than seven thousand years old.


H: 310mm W: 200mm D: 150mm

Since ancient times, the owl is a symbol of knowledge, insight, wisdom and enlightenment, and in China is also a sign of wealth.

In the ancient Greek mythology, the owl was an attribute of the goddess of wisdom Athena.Images of the goddess and her winged companion were minted on silver Greek coins, called «owls» : profile of Athens — on averse, owl full face — on the reverse. The symbol of wisdom and knowledge of the owl became due to the fact that her natural behavior reminded the Greeks of the way of life of philosophers seeking solitude, the ability of an owl to see in the dark made it a symbol of discernment.


H: 480mm W: 220mm D: 150mm

The sculpture » Viy » illustrates according to the Eastern Slavic mythology something from the underworld whose gaze kills with fear, but his gaze is hidden .

This is the sculpture when you look at that, you will undoubtedly keep in suspense


H: 800 mm W: 500mm D: 250mm

Sculpture «Howl» is an example of the exquisite embodiment of the intangible, and is part of a series of works «Nature is our Creator», is a unique and inimitable work that will focus only on themselves


H: 710mm W: 180mm D: 100mm

The sculpture » GEM » symbolizes the character from ancient Greek mythology , the brother of RODOPA. Brother and sister were in love with each other and called themselves Zeus and the Hera, for which they were punished — turned into mountains in Trakya . Gem was turned into a mountain range Gem ), now — Stara-Planina.

The sculptures «Gem» and «Rodopa» were made from two parts of one root of natural bog oak.


H: 700mm W: 190mm D: 100mm

The sculpture «Rodopa» symbolizes the character from ancient Greek mythology , the sister of Gem.Brother and sister were in love with each other and called themselves Zeus and the Hera, for which they were punished — turned into mountains in Trakya . Gem was turned into a mountain range Gem ), now — Stara-Planina.

The sculptures «Gem» and «Rodopa» were made from two parts of one root of natural bog oak.

Mount Meru

H: 710mm W: 500mm D: 270mm

The most classic type of World Mountain is the greatest mountain of Meru in Hindu mythology and cosmography. It is considered the center of the Earth and the Universe, its peak rises above the earth by 84,000 leagues. Around Meru revolve the sun, moon, planets and stars. The heavenly river Ganga flows down from heaven to this mountain, and only then enters the human world. At the top of Meru is the city of Brahma, stretching for 14,000 leagues. Close to this city are the cities of Indra and other gods.


H: 450mm W: 350mm D: 460mm

Egir is a creature from the most ancient dynasty of the gods, who came into the world long before the Aces and Vans. His power in the maritime domain truly has no limits.The ancient Scandinavians considered Egir one of the main deities. Like a huge mountain, it emerges from the depths of the sea and draws overturned ships into its eternal palaces — to the bottom. Sailors believed that playing with their drakkars, like nuts, shells, he received immense pleasure. Translated from Icelandic, the name of the deity was translated as «Carrying a spear.» It was this weapon that was a constant attribute of the harsh and ruthless god of the seas.