Interior and exterior items

Exclusive interior items made of natural stained oak give the atmosphere respectability and individuality, allow you to create whole compositions and make you focus on yourself. The uniqueness of the decision to use bog oak has no compromises. Our design studio makes it possible to create individual art objects at the stage of production of this valuable natural resource, to conduct step-by-step control and make adjustments to the final stage of implementation of the art object.

In the navigation season of 2019, the process of creating unique street sculptures began.

«Grand Canyon»

Is a unique trunk of bog oak, which has a natural split along the trunk while maintaining its integrity. The history of this kind of natural phenomenon originates thousands of years ago.

After these years, the water has smoothed out its irregularities and the two halves of the trunk perfectly fit together.

It is planned to install this unique art object in the middle of 2020.


Undoubtedly the appearance of this art object resembles a marine predator. The age of this natural artifact is not less than 5 thousand years. The hard fate of this trunk of the bog oak makes itself felt, the approximate diameter of the trunk according to our experts in the root part was about 1m. The question arises what natural forces were able to deform the trunk so today the diameter of the root part is less than the apex. Such parameters of this-already «river predator» and give the uniqueness of the future art object. The installation of this artwork is planned for mid-2020.


It is difficult to imagine this oak in its terrestrial life. The root system and even the bark has been preserved to our times in pristine condition, this is due to its bottom bedding under a layer of sand. The root   «Flower»  has an impressive size at the cutting site of 1.6 m x 1.3 m , its powerful feather parts and large dimensions of the cutting site determine its future use. This art object will be used as a street table-commissioning is scheduled for mid-2020.

« Flower bud»

Flower bud — so the future art object was nicknamed by our team. The shape of the future street sculpture has pronounced visual features and resembles the flowering of a rose. In the place of cutting also appeared a unique pattern – in the form of a light halo.

The installation of this art object is scheduled for mid-2020.

Sculpture «Vis-A-Vis»

A large floor sculpture made of natural bog oak by hand from the whole top of the trunk in the place of fracture, the shape of which is unique and created by nature itself.

«Picture frame»

The picture frame is made by hand using the living edge of natural bog oak aged 3000 years.

The uniqueness of this solution has no analogues in the world-the living edge as a result of processing remains intact-giving asceticism to the selected frame.